New Year 2019 Resolution Ideas


New year resolutions are a perfect opportunity for those who have missed a chance to do something. It’s a perfect motivator if you are looking bring a change in your life.

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So, before the 2019 knocks on your door, why not sit down and pen down a list of things which you wanted to do, want to do and wish to achieve. Why not give yourself a new and a well-deserved beginning of 2019.

Well, most of you might be knowing what to do and what your new resolution is going to be, but in case you want to have a birds-eye view of it and want to include some new things which can spruce up your life, then  go ahead and read through it :

  1. Plant trees- This might not be on many people’s list, but it’s one initiative that we almost must pledge for. The world is facing the issue of pollution, and all this is because we have forgotten to give back to nature. If you can’t change the world, take a step to improve Plant at least one tree this year and nurture it.cny 2019, new year's day 2019, chinese new year calendar 2019, what is chinese new year 2019, chinese new year celebration 2019
  2. Get back in shape– we all know the importance of good health, so this time, make sure that you take up the resolution that you will work on your health, you can do that by following simple steps like using stairs, walking, leaving your bad food habits,chinese festival 2019, new year 2019, new year's day 2019, new years eve quotes 2019, new year quotes and sayings 2019, happy new year wishes for friends 2019
  3. Stop Procrastinating – Well, this should be on your radar in 2019. Procrastination is the key for many unsuccessful projects in life, Whether its front or professional experience, make sure that you don’t procrastinate.chinese new year 2019, whats open on new years day 2019, best new year wishes 2019, new year celebration 2019, new year quotation 2019
  4. Go on a holiday- Most of the time all of us get stuck in a rut and all this we miss to have fun and enjoy life. Promise yourself that you will go on at least one holiday in the coming year. It may be a small place a little stay but make sure that you do visit new places, meet new people. This will help you rejuvenate and enjoy your life.2019 lunar new year, wish you a happy new year 2019, new year wishes for friends 2019, new years eve day 2019, new years eve london 2019
  5. Start meditating – Well, we all concentrate on the physical health but this time, make sure that you focus on the internal health of your body as well. Meditation is the best way to have a healthy and happy soul.happy news today 2019, new year celebrations 2019, chinese new year 2019 calendar, happy new year sayings 2019
  6. Develop reading habit – Most of us have digital slaves, and in all this, we have forgotten the real essence of life. Make sure that you take out some time in your day to read some good books. Books are the source of knowledge, wisdom, and happiness. It will help you plan your life better and make your mind healthy.chinese lunar new year 2019, happy new year message sample 2019, new year around the world 2019, chinese new year 2019 animal, lunar new year 2019
  7. Limit yourself to social media- This is something which needs to be on the radar of all. The reason behind this is that we all have become social media slaves; there is no life out of social media. In the coming year, prep yourself to limit your social media presence. Let it not rule your year's day 2019, chinese zodiac 2019, chinese new years 2019, new year wishes 2019
  8. Do something that you like- Often in the dream to achieve our goals and make a living, we forget to make a life. Make a resolution that in the coming year you will start following something which you have always loved. Take out time for yourself. It can be anything, reading, writing, playing guitar, painting, gardening, stitchinglondon new year, happy new year blessings, new year wishes quotes, this year quotes, new year's day traditions
  9. Start appreciating – This doesn’t sound tough but it is, many of us have forgotten the habit of being grateful. Make sure that you are thankful for you to Stop looking at everything terrible, start searching for something good in everything.chinese new year 2019, days until new years, have a happy new year, new years parade, happy new year text message 2019
  10. Get decent sleep-Our work life leaves us to sleep deprived and with the advent of technology this condition has even worsened. Make sure that you take the proper amount of sleep. A healthy and complete rest helps in the adequate development of the body and also keeps you fresh.funny happy new year message 2019, happy new year wishes quotes 2019, new year love quotes, best new year quotes
  11. Do something for the society- there are many people around who need help, it’s not necessary that donate huge sum of money to help people, you can donate your old clothes, donate books, provide meals to the hungry. Anything which fits in your pocket, you must make it a point that you will give back the society something the coming year holidays, the new year, happy new year everyone 2019, new years date 2019, whens new years, new year card messages
  12. Pick up a hobby– It’s essential that you should learn some new skills which interest You can choose gardening, stitching, painting, learning music, singing or anything which will make you a happy person.days in a year 2019, lunar new year 2019, when is chinese new year 2019, lunar new year 2019
  13. Learn to be happy– Once of the most important thing that we people tend to forget is that we should be happy Make sure that you will try to be a happy person; whatever you may have you must learn to be grateful for it.happy new year family and friends, happy messages, new year 2019, new year messages for friends, days till new years, new year's day holiday
  14. Forget the past – As you step in the New Year it’s vital that you must have new feelings and emotions, try to rip any grudges that you have been holding. Start the New Year with a clear heart and clear mind.and a happy new year 2019, happy new year family 2019, happy new year love, happy new year text 2019, new years eve 2019
  15. Turn your hobby into a career– If you love to sing, why not try to convert your hobby into a profession. If you are good at something, you must make your hobby into a profession. Give yourself a chance to reinvent yourself into a new person.trump new year, new year wishes greetings, new year blessings quotes 2019, new years day events, happy new year post 2019
  16. Learn to control your emotions – Often our feelings overpower us and rule us. It’s vital that we should learn to control our emotions. In the coming year trying to take control of your emotions, don’t let them overpower your year greetings images, new year quotes 2019, new year messages 2019, inspirational new year message, best new year messages